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The Complete Guide to the Coriolus Mushroom (Turkey Tail)

Mushrooms are complicated organisms. They could be eatable, poisonous, or medicinally beneficial. And while modern science has long assumed that mushrooms came into existence a few thousand or hundred thousand years ago, some recent samples have been dated back to nearly one billion years ago.

As such, there's quite a lot that we still don't understand about the grandiose and varied mushroom kingdom. It's estimated that humans have only identified about 10% of mushroom species.

As fungal research continues, physicians and pharmacists around the world eagerly explore the beneficial medicinal qualities of mushrooms. Some even help to improve immunity, reduce stress levels, and even aid digestion.

One of the more surprisingly helpful fungi is the Coriolus mushroom, also known as 'Turkey Tail'. If you've never heard of this mushroom, don't worry. Though this fungus is very much among us, it's known by many names, which could make identification a little confusing.

Keep reading to discover why this particular mushroom is getting a lot of attention.

What Is the Coriolus Mushroom?

Any home cook or professional chef can tell you—Mushrooms come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. Some mushrooms grow in damp areas with the traditional stalk-and-cap style of fungus. Others only grow in dry areas and look more like rings of tree bark than squishy mushrooms.

The Coriolus mushroom resembles the latter. It is a crusty, thin, and hard type of fungus that can be found growing on the sides of hardwood trees. One of its many nicknames is Turkey Tail, thanks to its unique coloring and growing pattern.

The next time you happen to take a walk through a well-wooded forest or park, keep an eye out for these mushrooms. They're incredibly common, which is excellent news for the medical community. While homeopathic practitioners and natural healers have been using Coriolus Versicolor fungus to treat disease for centuries, modern medicine is just now catching on.

These tree-friendly fungi might help fight the growth of tumors, as well as stimulate the immune system. Studies are ongoing, and only time will tell just how potent this ancient organism really is.

Benefits of Consuming Coriolus Mushrooms

Though there are many potential benefits of taking Coriolus mushrooms, there is not enough current scientific or medical data to firmly support many of the claims put forth by consumers.

And though there are centuries, if not millennia, of anecdotal evidence to support the health benefits of consuming different types of mushrooms, including Turkey Tail, it's important to remember that the research is still ongoing in regards to most of these claims.

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